Artist's Fine Art Statement

"Guided by light and line, and recognizing that a photograph is a reflection of a unique, fleeting reality, I strive to bring a quiet, contemplative energy to the frame. Additionally, by focusing on composition and tone — and limiting the use of processing techniques — a further objective is to establish and nurture an intimate affinity with the subject, one that communicates and celebrates the beauty, poignancy and oft-times ironic nature of our chaotic world. Through the art and perspective of photography I seek to bring both understanding and a fine balance to life –  as I experience it."

Birgit's Fine Art prints are currently available at Sage Fine Art Gallery in Taos, New Mexico.

Souls and Ceremony Photography

Documenting Your Events 

Birgit's overarching focus is to document mood and sentiment, capturing the subtleties that suggest the preciousness of the moment — gesture, spirit and flow. 

Your most notable moments are experiences of celebration. They respire with joy and gratitude. Birgit will sensitively document your event so that you may reflect on your memories through the rich portal of imagery.

Drop her a line to talk about your needs and unique vision.

Artist Credits

Birgit's images have appeared in the Faculty of Forestry at the University of British Columbia, various publications such as Sun Magazine, December Magazine, Salaan Magazine, The Taos News, the poetry and photography book Stretching Silver Through Blue Haze, Still Points Arts Quarterly, Las Laguna Art Gallery (Los Angeles),  as well as in several galleries and venues along the spine of the Rocky Mountains.   Birgit has contributed photojournalism to the Taos News and the Taos Tempo.