A Fine Art Photograph Album exploring thematic structural tone, composition and line.     

The 6" x 6", hard cover, lay flat book has 32 art-print pages including 35 photographs.

$98USD plus applicable tax and shipping.

Untitled photo

Juxtaposition Preview

Image Titles (In Order of Appearance)

Cover                Dense Fur I (spread) and Dense Fur II (Inset)

Page 1/2          Grand Palais

Page 3              Urban Escape

Page 4              Tipping Point

Page 5              Vintage

Page 6              Sugar

Page 7               Escaping Memories

Page 8               Hard Wired

Page 9/10       Tire Tread Tryptic

Page 11             Louvre

Page 12             Docked

Page 13             Jour et Nuit

Page 14            Mission Control I

Page 15             Parking Meter

Page 16             Introduction

Page 17/18     Vibe (Left) Love Triangle (Center) Scarlet Letters (Right)

Page 19             Hudson River

Page 20             The Loneliest Road

Page 21/22      Discarded Prose (Left) Aperture (Center) Mission Control (Right)

Page 23/24      Chaco Cardinal Points

Page 25             Chaco Window of Light

Page 26             Magazine Seller

Page 27             Tattoo and Piercing

Page 28             Phlower

Page 29             Seclusion

Page 30             Long Distancing

Page 31              Stored Ride

Page 32              Square Root

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