S.L.C. — Professional Portraits

"Thanks so much for the keen eye and artistic touch....I have only gotten compliments on the photos!"

K & D – Newborn Twins Homecoming

“Birgit is the consummate professional and arrived fully briefed and prepared to a very intimate and special homecoming. She spent extra time at the space before our arrival studying the finer details and ensuring all the right things were recorded during this candid event. Birgit was present without being intrusive and captured lasting expressions and emotions of the day through her lens and creative eye. We all are very impressed with her results and grateful that she was able to record this once in a lifetime occasion. Thanks Birgit!”

L & T – Newborns Homecoming

"The (photographs) are incredible!!  AmaZing.   (Birgit) is amazing and we love them so much."

J.K. – Maternity Portrait

"Oh Birgit, they're so beautiful! I know that no other photographer would have been able to capture the same photos as you for many reasons, one being my level of comfort with you."

E.B. – Professional Portraits

"Your time, and impeccable artistry, in the midst of such a tremendous time, are appreciated beyond words."

C.O. – Professional Portraits

"These photos are perfect! Tommy said, 'These are the type of photos we have been waiting for'. Thank you so much for your thoughtfulness in working on this project. It really means so much to us!"

K.S. –  Graduation Portrait

"We just love the photos. The graduation announcements I had made were gorgeous." 

M.H. – Memorial Event

"These are the most beautiful photos! What an incredible job you did with the spontaneity, clarity of the moment And respect for all in attendance. I hardly noticed you were doing this at the time."

K.S. – Engagement Session

"These (images) are GORGEOUS!!! We are so happy with them!"