Poetry and Photography Book

Stretching Silver Through Blue Haze

Photographs by Birgit Gutsche

Poetry by Lawrence Gregory

“Stretching Silver through Blue Haze is a mesmerizing co-creation of poetry and photography by a husband and wife team committed to an unflinching, unapologetic exploration of intimate relationship. One is lulled into a stark, sometimes painfully human world of relentless honesty, uncertainty, vulnerability, and beauty. The verbal and visual imagery expose a visceral, specific truthfulness, amplified by their environment. An exploration that is as raw and provocative as it is strangely peaceful, and deeply relatable. Such wonderful synergy and nuance between photo and poem. You can pick this book up at any time, turn to any page, and be transcended.”

— Cheryl Cecchetto, Sequoia Productions

Published by Shanti Arts, Brunswick, ME

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$19.95USD print soft cover  

ISBN: 978-1-941830-66-6

Articles and Reviews: An intimate collaboration between poet and photographer, husband and wife (press release, 4-26-2017)