Taos in the Details

A unique, Fine Art Album of images reflecting the town and area of Taos, New Mexico. 

This accumulation of photographs was curated to invoke the mood, mystery and humor of the unique, centuries old community.  

The 6" x 6", hard cover, lay flat book has 34 art-print pages including 44 photographs.

$98USD plus applicable tax and shipping.

Untitled photo

Taos in the Details Preview

Taos in the Details Image Titles (In Order of Appearance)

Page 1           Taos Market Gladioli and Truck

Page 3/4      (Arroyo) Seco Sunrise

Page 5           Thistle Seed Release

Page 6           Sky Lantern Lift Off

Page 7           Berry Wreath

Page 8           Golden Eyes

Page 9           Lama Sunset

Page 10         Floor Boards

Page 11          Sandhill Crane Trio

Page 12          Thistles

Page 13          Taos Pueblo

Page 14          Northern New Mexico Wild Horses

Page 15          Taos Market Sunflowers

Page 16           Tea Leaves (Top) Old Faithful Boots (Bottom)

Page 17/18     Winter Morada in Arroyo Seco (Spread) Cemetery (Inset)

Page 19           Triple Rainbow

Page 20          Outside Chair (Left) Humming-Pin (Right)

Page 21           Chevrolet Logo (Top) Truck II (Right)

Page 22           Truck I

Page 23           Skull and Barber Wire

Page 24           Diner Kitchen (Top) Seven-Thirty (Bottom)

Page 25           Taos Market Music (Top) Taos Market Palm Reader (Bottom)

Page 26           Taos Market – It’s All Raw

Page 27           Kit Carson Cat (Left) Glory (Top Right) Silent Belfry (Bottom Right)

Page 28           Courtyard Buddha

Page 29           Lashes

Page 30           Diner (Top) Salt & Pepper (Bottom Left) Mopsy Twins (Bottom Right)

Page 31            Spring Growth (Left) Lilies, Cones and Kiva (Right)

Page 32            All Aboard

Page 33            Stop, Breathe, Go

Page 34            Coming Later (Top), Juicy Curves (Bottom)

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